Don’t let culture clashes stop the deal!

The industry organizations Swerig and TMAS have jointly produced a miniseries on international business culture.

Sweden is, in a cultural sense, very different from the rest of the world and we need to adapt our approaches to excel our business.

In three parts, together with lecturer Charlotta Brynger, founder of the company CueMe, and invited guest speakers, we will immerse ourselves in the cultural factors that are crucial in business relationships and the key to successful export business.

We live in a globalized world that is in constant change. A understanding of other cultures and an ability to communicate on a broad front will in many cases be crucial for a successful business relationship, says Charlotta Brynger.

In our interactive seminar series, we will look at cultural factors in a global perspective. As a participant you will get valuable insights and the opportunity to focus on a selection of regions and countries.

See you this fall!