Report: Digital transformation within textile and apparel industry

The potential impact of Industry 4.0 on the textile and apparel value chain has been widely discussed. Intelligent technologies are increasingly accessible, new business models are emerging, and key players from other sectors are entering the market. With this digital transformation, manufacturers are seeking higher productivity, reduced labour costs and environmental sustainability, among other business improvements, catalysing the demand for a more automated and connected industry. The textile and apparel industry of the future is expected to be centred around more agile manufacturing, complete with an evolved supply chain that meets consumer demands for sustainable, personalised and functional apparel. But how do we get there? And where do we find the industry in 2018, on its digital transformation journey?

Global Digital Transformation Report
To assess the developments in the industry, WTiN – in partnership with CEMATEX, The European Association for Textile Machinery, ITMF and other industry organizations  has carried out the first Global Digital Transformation Survey of the textile and apparel industry.

The report provide key findings from the survey as well as providing detailed analysis of current perceptions of digital transformation, strategy developments for change, organizational modifications and investment in digital technologies, tools and methods. Moreover, it reports the overall impact of digital transformation on businesses to date and the challenges the industry faces going forward, providing an insight into the future of digital transformation in the textile and apparel industry.

Download the report here:


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