This is TMAS

TMAS members are people tightly woven together. We are driven by our love for textile, and our dedication to providing the most creative machinery solutions for the global textile industry.

Welcome to the Textile Machinery Association of Sweden – TMAS. We are made up of the leading Swedish companies within textile technology, automation and production processes.

TMAS was founded in 1997 to support and promote Swedish textile machinery manufacturers. We initiate and coordinate activities, such as:

  • Networking and meetings
  • Seminars and trainings
  • Exhibitions, roadshows and other business-related projects and events
  • Represents the industry at national and international meetings
  • Dialogue with authorities and trade organizations
  • Information and market research

Read about TMAS and our member companies in our brochure: TMAS – Hearts in textile. Minds on machinery. (pdf)

A strong collection

TMAS is a strong collection of passionate, innovative and highly dedicated Swedish companies.

At the heart of the TMAS´companies beats a long and extraordinary history of Swedish textile machinery and production. It is in our DNA, which is why our customers experience a unique standard of knowledge, expertise and dedication.  Each TMAS company comes with its own standard of excellence, that’s built on superior technological competence, knowledge and experience. The expertise of TMAS´members ranges from advanced systems for yarn fault detection and tension monitoring, to yarn feeding technology, automated production lines, cutting machines, effective material handling systems, application system for fabric finishing and much more.

Get to know TMAS´members and their solutions better at  Members & Solutions.

The Swedish success factor

As Swedes, we are raised to go beyond traditional standards, to find innovative solutions that add real value to our customers. It is in our DNA to drive automatization and digitalization, which are key drivers for the textile industry of the future. We have a rich heritage of providing the world with groundbreaking solutions. And this tradition lives on strongly within TMAS.

We work closely with our customers, providing hands-on solutions to machinery and production challenges. We listen and understand that for our customers it is about delivering added value through fast and customized solutions.

The TMAS promise 

The vision for TMAS companies is to be part of the textile production supply chain of the future. This is how we do it:


We are always developing new ideas and technology in order to keep heightening the standard of excellence in everything we do. We invest our resources in research and development as we know that to add value we must constantly improve with our customers’ evolving needs. We use technology to drive innovation in order to play our part in helping to take the textile industry into a sustainable future.


Quality is essential to everything we do and deliver, and we simply do not compromise on our standards. We take pride in providing high value products, solutions, processes and services that ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, every step of the way.


We are passionate about textile machinery and production processes. Our dedication ensures the success of our customers, partners and the communities that we operate in. This means that we do everything in our capacity to ensure that they achieve their goals in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.