Part 2 – Intercultural business – Deep dive China

Join us and learn more about business relations with China! What differentiates the Chinese values from the Swedish ones and how is trust built with Chinese partners? Together with speakers Charlotta Brynger, CueMe and China expert Ardi Bouwers, we increase our knowledge of what China values most in international contacts and which communication style to use. Register now!

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  • Chinese values
    • The cultural values throughout the years
    • Values of today’s society

    How trust is built with Chinese partners

    • Reliable relationships
    • Keeping face in Chinese culture

    This is highly valued when doing business

    Negotiation methods

    • Leadership
    • Decision making
    • Meetings and contracts

    Q&A with China expert Ardi Bouwers

    Communication styles

    How are Swedes perceived?

    Sum-up and Q&A

    This is the second of three seminars in a collaboration between TMAS and Swerig and are free of charge for members.