Zero twist for composite fabrics guaranteed

PRESSRELEASE: IRO AB, a member of the Vandewiele group, reports strong interest in its ZTF Zero Twist Feeder introduced at the recent ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, particularly from companies involved in the growing market of textile reinforcements for composites.


In the weaving of fibres such as carbon, glass and aramids, as well as thermoplastic tapes for highly-engineered composite fabrics, it is essential that there is no twist in the feed, which this new machine absolutely guarantees.

“The ZTF Zero Twist Feeder keeps the tape yarns or fibre tows constantly stretched to avoid the risks of any snarls or twisting,” explains Sales and Marketing Manager Pär Hedman. “During ITMA 2019 I spoke to many companies interested in this new machine, which will be supplied in bespoke versions specific to the individual needs of each customer and the intended end-use.”

IRO AB Sales and Marketing Manager Pär Hedman and the Zero Twist Feeder at ITMA 2019.

The unit can accommodate tapes in widths up to 10mm and weight up to 7kg, with an insertion length of up to 3.4 metres. It is equipped with a buffer arm synchronised with the rapier movement of the weaving machine to deliver the exact amount of yarn from the bobbin required for the weft insertion. A tension and sensor arm ensures constant yarn tension is maintained during the entire insertion cycle.

Designed for use with rapier machines, the ZTF can be installed on new CAN (controller area network) communication machines or retrofitted to older non-CAN machines using a specially-designed conversion kit.

IRO AB is a member of TMAS – the textile machinery association of Sweden.

“As the market leader in yarn feeding technology, IRO AB has consistently introduced new milestones in the field of yarn feeding technology for weaving machines at successive ITMA shows and this year was no exception,” says TMAS Secretary General Therese Premler-Andersson. “The ZTF Zero Twist Feeder was just one of a range of new developments introduced by the company at ITMA 2019.”

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