“Start With Baldwin and Finish with Perfection”

PRESSRELEASE: ITMA Asia 2023 Attendees to Discover Faster and More Sustainable Textile Finishing with Precision Spray TexCoat™ System

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. will be educating the textile supply chain on how to “Start with Baldwin and Finish with Perfection” thanks to its TexCoat™ G4 precision spray finishing system at ITMA Asia 2023 (Stand H5C22, November 19-23, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai).

ITMA Asia participants can stop by and “touch” Baldwin’s wide array of TexCoat G4-applied fabric samples from textile mills around the world and experience what precision finishing “feels” like while learning how the technology eliminates chemistry waste on changeover, saves water, and achieves faster speeds through the stenter frame and relaxed dryer.

Baldwin’s team will be available to discuss how the company’s technology can meet the textile supply chain’s sustainability and carbon footprint goals while improving performance and saving money. In the context of a cost-sensitive global economy and an increased focus by brands, consumers and regulatory agencies on sustainability, customers are placing a premium on sustainability-advantage textile production.

“We saw enormous interest at ITMA 2023 in Milan–with more global textile finishers excited to put TexCoat to work,” said Rick Stanford, Baldwin’s VP Global Business Development, Textiles. “They can expect increased profitability, lower energy use, and reduced carbon footprint in addition to exercising precision control with our patented precision spray technology.”

TexCoat G4’s non-contact spray technology offers numerous advantages compared to outdated finishing-chemistry application methods.  TexCoat G4 processes a wide range of low-viscosity water-based chemicals, such as durable water-repellents –  including PFAS-free, softeners, anti-microbials, easy-care and flame retardants. The company’s technology uses the same chemicals as found in traditional pad baths with no special auxiliaries required.

Testimonial videos from Pincroft Dyeing and Print Works and Graniteville Specialty Fabrics along with a video highlighting Baldwin’s partnership with North Carolina State University will also be screened at Stand H5C22.


Baldwin Technology Company Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of innovative process-automation equipment, parts, service and consumables for the printing, packaging, textile, plastic film extrusion and corrugated industries. As a total solutions provider, Baldwin offers our customers a broad range of market-leading technologies, with a focus on improving the economic and environmental efficiency of production processes. Through a global footprint of 21 company-owned locations and an extensive network of partners, our customers are supported globally, regionally and locally by dedicated sales and service team members who add value by forming long-term relationships. Baldwin is privately owned by BW Forsyth Partners, a Barry-Wehmiller company, and part of BW Converting Solutions. For more, visit baldwintech.com.


BW Converting Solutions is a strategic alliance of resources and services that bring together six Barry-Wehmiller companies — Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), Baldwin Technology Co., Winkler + Dünnebier (W+D),STAX Technologies, Hudson-Sharp, and Northern Engraving and Machine. These industry leaders offer trusted brands and innovative technologies in the design, manufacture, and service of high-performance converting and packaging machinery for the tissue, nonwovens, hygiene, bag-converting, mailing, and printing industries.By coming together as one global team, our combined engineering, operations, supply chain, and sales teams work together to  better serve customer needs.  Together,  we  provide  one   global  parts   network,   one  service   support network, a broad base of engineering experience and talent, regional sales support and a superior level of service.




ITMA Asia 2023各位参会者将发现采用宝德温精密喷涂TexCoat™系统可以实现更快、更可持续的纺织品后整理

宝德温科技公司将在ITMA Asia 2023展会(2023年11月19日至23日,上海国家会展中心H5C22展位)上展出其最新精密喷涂TexCoat™G4系统,介绍给纺织供应链如何“从宝德温新技术开始,实现完美后整理工艺”。

ITMA Asia 2023的参会者可以顺着参观来“触摸”来自世界各地纺织厂的宝德温公司一系列TexCoat G4应用织物加工样品,体验精密整理的“感觉”,同时了解该技术如何消除产品转换时的助剂浪费,节约用水,并通过定型机结构变化和烘干机减少负荷来实现更快的速度。


宝德温科技公司全球纺织业务发展副总裁Rick Stanford先生表示:“我们在意大利米兰的ITMA 2023展会上看到了客户巨大的兴趣,越来越多的全球纺织品整理商对精密喷涂TexCoat系统投入使用感到兴奋。”。“除了使用我们的专利精密喷涂技术进行精确控制外,用户还可以提高盈利能力,降低能源消耗,减少碳排放。”

与传统的表面处理应用方法相比,精密喷涂TexCoat G4的非接触式喷涂技术具有许多优势。TexCoat G4可以处理各种低粘度水基化学品,如耐用防水剂,包括免PFAS、柔软剂、抗微生物剂、易护理剂和阻燃剂等。宝的温公司的技术使用与传统浸槽相同的化学助剂,不需要特殊的助剂安排。

来自欧洲著名的平克罗夫特印染厂和Graniteville 特种面料厂的视频,以及宝德温公司与北卡罗来纳州立大学合作关系的视频也将在H5C22展台放映。敬请光临观看和指导。


宝德温科技公司是一家全球领先的制造商和供应商,为印刷、包装、纺织、塑料薄膜挤出和瓦楞纸行业提供创新的工艺自动化设备、零件、服务和耗材。作为一家全面的解决方案提供商,宝德温为我们的客户提供了广泛的市场领先技术,重点是提高生产过程的经济和环境效率。通过在全球21个分公司所有的地点和广泛的合作伙伴网络,我们的客户得到了全球、地区和本地的专业销售和服务团队成员的支持,他们通过建立长期关系来增加价值。宝德温科技公司属于美国百威乐集团旗下BW Forsyth Partners私人所有,也是百威乐转换解决方案公司平台的一部分。欲了解更多信息,请访问www.baldwintech.com。



于美国百威乐集团转换公司平台是一个资源和服务的战略联盟,汇集了六家百威乐旗下公司——纸张转换机器公司(PCMC),宝德温科技公司、Winkler+Dünnebier(W+D)、STAX技术公司、Hudson Sharp和Northern Engraving and Machine。这些行业领导者为纸巾、无纺布、卫生、制袋、信封和印刷行业的高性能转换和包装机械的设计、制造和服务提供值得信赖的品牌和创新技术。作为一个全球团队,我们的工程、运营、供应链和销售团队共同努力,更好地满足客户需求。我们共同提供一个全球零部件网络、一个服务支持网络、广泛的工程经验和人才基础、区域销售支持和卓越的服务。