TMAS sustainability project presented in WTiN article

TMAS Secretary general Therese Premler-Andersson was recently interviewed by WTiN’s Cara Dudgeon about the organization and members sustainability mapping project. WTiN is a worldwide network of analysts provide you with in-depth content that tracks key trends and innovations within the textile manufacturing industry.

To support a sustainable supply chain, TMAS, the Swedish Textile Machinery Association, has teamed up with ClimatePartner to assist its members in mapping their corporate carbon footprints. Cara Dudgeon talks to Therese Premler-Andersson from the association about the project and how it could impact the textile & apparel industry.

With the ever-increasing number of regulations being placed on the textile & apparel industry, especially within Europe, Swedish textile manufacturers, supported by their national association, Swedish Textile Machinery Association (TMAS), has been exploring new options to contribute to a more sustainable industry.

According to Therese Premler-Andersson, secretary general of TMAS, the association initiated a range of activities including training packages and seminars as well as dialogue with members. This provided a format for the mapping of the individual carbon footprints of its members.

Premler-Andersson says: “For any business that is serious about climate action, the starting point is to calculate a corporate carbon footprint. With a better understanding of an organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions, a robust strategy to reduce emissions can be initiated.” TMAS initiated the corporate carbon footprint (CCF) project with ClimatePartner: an environmental consultant, to boost the progress of its members.

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