The Swedish School of Textiles launches new hub for textile machines 13-14 October 2022

The Swedish School of Textiles is now launching the Swedish Textile Machine Expo – a hub for sustainable textile production. For two days, they will open up the university and its labs and create a forum for local textile production of the future.

The interest in local textile production in Sweden is growing. Advantages such as automation, machines, and cutting-edge technology as well as a good understanding that sustainability needs to be addressed in everything from material selection to production and distribution provide good conditions for moving production home, in part or in whole.

Against this background, machine manufacturers, textile producers, students, and other stakeholders are welcome to showcase new machine technologies, share know-how, and increase collaboration in the industry.

– From TMAS ‘side, we think it is an exciting initiative that comes at a good time. We see an increased interest in local sustainable production and with it an increased interest in investments in new technology. Today, there is no Swedish forum and meeting place for textile production, technology and materials, and to solve sustainability challenges, joint platforms are required for collaboration, says Therese Premler Andersson, Secretary General of TMAS.

The expo will be attended both by Swedish manufacturers of textile machines and representatives/agents of international machinery companies. Attendees will have the opportunity to see machines in operation in the labs of the Swedish School of Textiles, see presentations about the latest in machine technology throughout the value chain, and get the opportunity to network with actors in the industry.

In parallel with the Swedish Textile Machine Expo, the annual TEKO Day will be held, providing good synergies and opportunities for networking as well as inspiration and new knowledge from a solid programme focusing on sustainable production.

The expo is free of charge for visitors.

Dates and times:

13 October 09:00-17:30
14 October 09:00-15:00


Textile Fashion Center, Skaraborgsvägen 3, 506 30 Borås, Sweden

Learn more and register here.