The management team at Eton Systems acquires the company from Karnell

The management team at Eton Systems AB, headed by the CEO Jerker Krabbe, have acquired Eton Systems from Karnell (K4 Sweden AB) at the end of December 2021. Karnell and other minority owners have sold the company and its subsidiaries to the management team and the external investor Travel Mate.

”I have a strong belief in the company and the growth strategy we elaborated following my start as CEO in January 2021. During late autumn I started a discussion to acquire Eton Systems from Karnell together with external investors and the management team. I and my partners are very happy to be the owners of the business and we see great potential in Eton Systems”, says CEO Jerker Krabbe.

”When I got the question to invest in Eton Systems and understood the interesting growth of the market and the potential of the company we didn’t hesitate. We have long experience of operating and owning companies. We are really looking forward to work with the team at Eton Systems and develop the business further”, says Fredrik Helgesson,

Another investor is Eton Systems former CEO, Jan Molin.

“I see that the trends of bringing back production from low cost countries are becoming stronger and Eton Systems has a very good solution for automation. The competence and experience are very high at Eton Systems and therefore I saw a great opportunity to join the journey”, says Jan Molin.

The plan for Eton Systems going forward is to continue the journey of growth and development by focusing on core markets and segments.

For more information please contact Jerker Krabbe, CEO Eton Systems,