A digital B2B sales person never sleeps

Will a sales person be irrelevant when 70% of the customer journey is digital? Are the salespeople of the future hybrids between algorithms and Youtubers? How do I sell in Teams meetings, what should I think about when making live demos of my products? How to utilize Linkedin in the sales process and what is the role of a sales person at a digital fair? Members of TMAS! Here is a great opportunity for you!

To answer these questions, Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper, where TMAS has it’s secretariat, now offers a series of short webinars (in Swedish) on the new requirements and opportunities that sales people  encounters with digitalisation and the pandemic. The webinars are exclusively developed for companies that are members of an industry association with an office at Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper!

The webinars (that are in Swedish) start in March and continues through April, so register today!
You will find more information at tebab.com