New member: imogo!

We are pleased to welcome Imogo to TMAS! The company was founded in  2018 and deliver an innovative process for dyeing of textile materials. This process dramatically reduces the use of water, chemicals and energy in the textile dyeing process. We catched Per Stenflo, one of the founders, to find out more.

Hi Per Stenflo, Founding Partner, at Imogo!

You are a new member of TMAS, welcome!

Can you tell me about Imogo?

imogo was founded in 2018 around an innovative idea on sustainable dyeing of textile materials. We are a small, highly committed team with a broad experience from the textile industry. We consider imogo to be an innovation and sales company with focus on sustainable processes for the textile industry. imogo can also be categorized as a network building platform. All production, service etc is outsourced to leading companies in the textile industry. This enables us to be 100% focused on the technology and customer facing activities.

Who are your customers and which are your most important markets?

Our customers can be just about any textile producing company or brand in the world. As we are newly started we focus on the European market at this stage. As we grow, we will extend our focus to cover also Asia and Americas. We have an ambitious plan for the growth of the company-

How do you view the development of the textile industry? What challenges do you foresee in the future?

The textile industry stands before a huge challenge in terms of transformation into sustainable production. This will involve every company that is active in the industry today. Everyone will have to adopt or go under. This includes textile manufacturers as well as textile machine producers. The time of blowing up small cosmetic improvements to be the answer to a more sustainable industry is over. We will see old companies with a good reputation crumble if they don’t truly adopt to be a part of the solution. This has only started!

Why did you choose to join TMAS? What expectations do you have on your membership?

I have experience of TMAS from previous companies I have worked for. I know and highly respect the member companies. TMAS is also a strong voice for sustainability in the textile industry. I expect TMAS to be a good platform for imogo to spread the word about opportunities to transform textile dyeing into a sustainable process.

You have also been elected to the TMAS board, congratulations! Why do you want to take the assignment and what questions within the textile industry are you passionate about?

It is a great honor to be on the TMAS board. I’m excited about and look forward to working with the rest of the members to promote Swedish textile technology. It’s no secret that my big passion is sustainability. Everything we do at imogo is one way or the other related to this topic. Sweden has a good reputation in this field. There are lots of Swedish innovative companies that are leaders in sustainability. I would like to see a better coordination of this untapped force. I’m sure this will be a great competitive angle that can grow the sector in Sweden and make a remarkable impact on the global textile industry.

Read more about imogo here!