The customer and the future are asking for solutions and we shall give it to them

Say hello to Nina Axelsson one of our Textile heroes within TMAS! Nina is a sales/marketing coordinator at TEXO AB and we had the opportunity to have a chat with her, talking about what’s its like to work in the textile machine industry.

I’m overall responsible for our marketing including social media, website and marketing material and supporting our sales department. I have previously experience from working with B2B sales and a two years education in sales and marketing focusing on B2B.

Working in the textile machinery industry gives me a unique opportunity to work in an international environment in an industry that is forced to reorient their business for the future. In a smaller company such as TEXO AB I get to play a big part in the readjustment and up close see and work with development, high tech solutions and customized solutions.

We develop unique, sustainable, and special products customized for our clients. It is both educational, edifying and fun.

I want to promote for more cost effectiveness, sustainability, and recycling solutions. The customer and the future are asking for these solutions and we shall give it to them.

We are forced to see the past the future and think outside the box to be able to stay on the market and finding new markets. If you want to work international and in a industry where you need to be alert this is the right place for you!