"I am often quite flexible in choosing where I do my job."

Say hello to Björn Fredberg one of our Textile heroes within TMAS! Björn is a System developer at Eton Systems and we had the opportunity to have a chat with him about what’s its like to work in the textile machine industry.

I completed the System Science program at University of Borås back in 2012. Before that I have studied Rhetoric and Japanese, both at Lund University. Today, I work as system developer at Eton Systems. My role within the team is partly to develop the different sections of our software and partly to participate in the planning process for new customer projects and see how they influence the team’s work. As a system developer, I always need to keep myself up to date with new technologies and languages, so you never stop learning. I am originally from Stockholm, but I have lived in Borås since 2008, and have a wife and two kids here.

It is easy to end up in the textile industry when you live and work in Borås in Sweden. The work as a system developer is actually very context independent, but already during my time at university I was contacted by textile companies, and even if they themselves weren’t working in the textile industry, their customers often were.

Most of my workday is spent in front of the computer. Work mostly consists of developing, planning, programming and testing the software we use together with the mechanical system we sell. I also participate in a lot of different meetings, either with customers or internally at Eton Systems, and since most of the work is done on the computer I am often quite flexible in choosing where I do my job. I try to be at the office as much as possible to see my colleagues but it is quite easy to work from home or while traveling. A few times per year we are on site at customer’s facilities during installations, and it is very exciting to get the opportunity to travel and see different countries.

Today’s textile industry is exciting! A lot is changing in the textile industry and the more you learn the more you see there is more to learn. Eton Systems has customers all over the world and within many different industries, so we can pretty easily adapt to changing circumstances.

I am most passionate about my work when I come across customers in new industries or with new ways of production. The textile industry needs to change to a sustainable production, and through my work for Eton Systems I get a insight into that change. The fact that Eton Systems has customers in so many different industries internationally gives a lot possibilities to take an active part in that development.