Why work with textile machines?

Look around you and you will soon be aware that everywhere you look, you see textiles. Clothing and home textiles are obvious to all, but in fact, textiles are used in very many other applications today: like in aircrafts, construction, medical, the list is long. So, if you chose a carrier in the textile machinery industry, you chose a stable industry with constant demand.

The textile machinery industry has nothing to do with the sewing machine your grandmother used to have. It is a high-tech industry that utilizes digitalization and automatization to develop efficient, high-quality, sustainable solutions.

We work very closely with product development, it is always a strong driving force. I have been encouraged to try many different areas and I have certainly learnt a lot.”  Team leader production

A carrier in the textile machinery industry means you have the world as your playground. Your customers are located in countries that extend from Europe throughout Asia the Middle East and Americas. But be prepared! Travel in the machinery industry means going off the beaten track to exciting and exotic destinations.

“When I saw what it looked like in factories without our system, compared to factories who had it installed, I really wanted to work here. It was such a difference, and such a better working environment” Production Engineer

The demand for competences ranging from engineering, sales, electricity, to mechanics, programming and R&D is high. At the same time, many companies are facing a generation shift, so if you are nurturing ambitions in these areas, then what are you waiting for?

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