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A membership in TMAS strengthens the industry and is a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas. Are you interested in becoming a TMAS member? Find out more and join us here.

The benefits of a membership includes:

  • INFORMATION: TMAS is integrated in the industry’s development. This means that the association can offer a wide range of information and services including statistics and information on new regulations. We distribute a Newsletter to keep you updated.
  • KNOWLEDGE: TMAS arranges training and seminars on useful topics. We help you to stay on top on topics of interest. We also collaborate with schools and universities in order to support the future competence need of our members.
  • EXHIBITIONS and EVENTS: TMAS supports member companies on international exhibitions, we organize joint stands and conduct roadshows.
  • NETWORKING: TMAS is a platform for meetings where member companies have opportunity to strengthen their network. This gives members the opportunity to increase their knowledge of issues that may affect their business.
  • IMPACT: TMAS is a member of the European Textile Machinery Association, Cematex. Together we are strong and can influence our industry and market.
  • PROMOTION: TMAS promotes the Swedish textile machinery industry and our members in various ways and channels. We strive to strengthen the position of the Swedish industry globally to support the business of our members.
  • PROJECTS: TMAS often conducts specific projects or events that benefit members or the industry as a whole. The members are given excellent opportunities to get involved early and directly affect the results of these projects.
  • CREDIBILITY: Membership in the trade association gives companies a credibility as a serious player.
  • AGREEMENT: TMAS offers favorable agreements – discounts on a variety of services such as transport and insurances.

Since TMAS’ secretariat is hosted by Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper, all TMAS-members enjoy exclusive member discounts – a service called Teknikföretagen Plus. Here you can find all information about Teknikföretagen Plus in Swedish.