The Textile Industry in Pakistan – Invitation to Webinar with TMAS

We welcome TMAS members to a webinar focused on exploring the opportunities and challenges in the textile industry in Pakistan. The webinar aims to provide members with insight into the dynamic Pakistani market and the latest developments in the textile industry. Business Sweden’s report Sustainable Textiles by Sweden in Pakistan will be presented during the seminar.

Date & time: April 19, at 09.00-10.30

Location: Online – link will be sent well in advance of the webinar


  • Pakistan in general terms
    We begin the seminar with an overview of Pakistan’s economic and political landscape.
  • Presentation of textile sector in Pakistan
    You will get an in-depth presentation of the textile industry in Pakistan, including market scope, current trends and future prospects.
  • Legislation and trade
    We explore the latest legislation and trade agreements affecting the textile industry.
  • Sustainability initiatives and investments
    You get an overview of the initiatives and investments within sustainability in the textile industry.
  • Challenges and practical aspects
    We discuss challenges of doing business in Pakistan, including money transfer, cultural differences and other factors that are important to consider.
  • Platform to promote trade and innovation
    We conclude with information on the platform for capacity building of Pakistan’s textile industry which is under planning.


  • Max Schääf, Consultant, Business Sweden
  • Lotta Segerström, Head of Political Affairs & Business Promotion, Embassy of Sweden in Pakistan

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain new insights and tools to successfully navigate the Pakistani market