Intercultural business relations with USA

The United States is known as the land of opportunity where individual freedom is highly valued. An image that has been challenged recently, as we see increased polarization and libertarian values challenged. But America is so much more than that! In this seminar, we look at factors that make the United States the country it is, and that are important to understand in order to be successful in business.



  • What does culture mean?
  • About the United States
    – What shaped North American culture? Which values live on and are felt in the typically American?
  • Essential knowledge for doing business with the US
    – conditions and mentality
  • Communication and negotiation
    – What distinguishes the communication style?
    – Confrontation and emotional expressions
    – Trust
    – Leadership & decision-making
    – Meetings and contracts
  • Summary and time for questions

The lack of cultural competence can have costly consequences in business relationships. With the right knowledge, you get the tools for successful intercultural business relationships. During this seminar, we focus on business relations with the USA. What distinguishes the American values ​​from the Swedish ones and how is trust best built with American partners? Charlotta Brynger guides us to successful business relations with the USA.

Photo: Nik Shuliahin/Unsplash