Intercultural business relations with Germany

Export focus part 2, 2022: The lack of cultural competence can have costly consequences in business relationships. With the right knowledge, you get the tools for successful intercultural business relationships. During this seminar, we focus on business relations with Germany. What distinguishes the German values ​​from the Swedish ones and how is trust best built with German partners? Charlotta Brynger guides us to successful business relations with Germany.

On the agenda:

  • A global mindset
  • The driving forces behind German values and behaviors
  • Communication
    – Present messages, presentations, feedback and confrontation
  • Decisive factors to know for cooperation and negotiation
    – Leadership
    – Decision making
  • Meetings and contracts
  • How are we perceived?
  • Culture Helix – a support for collaborations across cultures
  • Summary and time for questions

Please note that there is a limited number of attendees, secure your participation today!

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The seminar series is a collaboration between the industry organizations Swerig and TMAS and is free of charge for you as members.

Photo: Moises Gonzalez/Unsplash