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Vandewiele Sweden pioneers new e-commerce platform

PRESSRELEASE: Vandewiele Sweden is spearheading a transformation in B2B operations for the industry, with a first-of-its-kind new e-commerce platform developed in Sweden.

Swedish solutions at Techtextil and Texprocess 24

PRESSRELEASE: Members of TMAS – the Swedish textile machinery association – will display technologies completely in alignment with the major digitalisation theme of the forthcoming Techtextil and Texprocess 2024 exhibitions taking place in Frankfurt from April.

Microfactory for filter bags developed in Sweden

PRESSRELEASE: After an intensive few years of development, ACG Kinna Automatic and ACG Nyström – members of TMAS, the Swedish textile machinery association –have delivered the first microfactory for the production of fully finished filter bags to a major international filtration industry customer, in cooperation with JUKI Central Europe.

Celebrating 60 years at Eltex of Sweden AB

Eltex has launched the Eltex EyETM system for the continuous monitoring of yarn tension on warp beams.

PRESSRELEASE: As a pioneer in the adoption of electronic sensors by the weaving machinery industry, Eltex of Sweden is marking its 60th anniversary this month.

A Swedish win-win partnership for ACG Kinna and Värnamo

PRESSRELEASE: Continuous investment in the latest automation technologies – involving a long-standing and close cooperation with TMAS member ACG Kinna – has ensured family-owned Värnamo Sängkläder AB has retained its leading position in the production of high-quality bedding against heavy odds.

ACG Nyström and TMAS back creative identity in Ukraine

PRESSRELEASE: As a member of TMAS – the Swedish Textile Machinery Association – ACG Nyström reports solid success in embroidery machine sales with the latest Tajima TMEZ models in Denmark, Norway, Sweden – and perhaps a little surprisingly, also in Ukraine.

ACG Kinna Automatic acquires EyeTech

EyeTech utilizes 2D, 3D, and Deep Learning techniques for inspection, measuring, and robot guidance. Founded in 2019, EyeTech has quickly