Welcome to an endless jungle of things to learn!

Say hello to Filip Rosendahl one of our Textile heroes within TMAS! Filip the COO at ACG Kinna Automatic and we had the opportunity to have a chat with him, talking about what it’s like to work in the textile machine industry.

A complex industry with endless possibilities

At ACG Kinna Automatic we develop and build machines that produce quilts and pillows automatic, from textile fabric to readymade product packed in bags and boxes. It’s a small company which means that my role as COO is very varied and includes everything from planning and HR to how we secure our business in the best and most effective way in the long perspective. My first contact with this company was through my master thesis. I have a bachelor’s degree in industrial economic and started selling R&D projects here at Kinna Automatic after graduation. Working in the textile machine industry is a constant learning process. I have colleagues with over 40 years of experience in the industry that still learn something new every week. It’s a complex industry with endless possibilities to learn from.

Complex R&D

Since textile is a wide range of complex materials the machinery that handles the fabrics always must be smart and safe. Therefore, the R&D is very complex and a constant rain of different challenges. The satisfaction when we manage to succeed in this challenging world is worth all the hard work and a big benefit.

The textile material must be refined and developed for a sustainable lifetime, easy to recycle and with more functionalities. If we can develop and build machines that can handle and refine those materials, we will outcompete the old and less sustainable fabrics and take us all one step closer to a better future.

Welcome to an endless jungle of things to learn!