Searching for future talents

In search for future talents, members from the TMAS board visited schools in the Sjuhärad region this week. Meetings with representatives at Marks Gymnasieskola, Viskastrandgymnasiet och Teknikcollege gave us further insight on how to attract young people to our industry and how companies can contribute to the education. We are now planning to attend several school exhibitions next year to market the industry further.






TMAS visiting Marks Gymnasieskola. From left: Ann-Sofie Sinkkonen, Apprenticeship Coordinator, Marks Gymnasieskola, Jonas Andersson, Assistant Principal, Marks Gymnasieskola, Thomas Arvidsson, Vice President ACG Nyström AB Sweden and Mikael Äremann, CEO IRO AB.

Mikael Äremann, CEO IRO AB and Thomas Arvidsson, Vice President ACG Nyström AB Sweden from TMAS board searching for future talents.


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