The future of textile production

Textile Machinery Association of Sweden regular arranges seminars to educate and inspire our members.

The theme for the April seminar was “The future of textile production” During a day we covered a lot, new players, new technologies, digitalization, revenue models, automatization, robots, sustainability, smart textiles… Many challenges and a lot of fun in front of us! See a snapshot here:



Promotion of Swedish textile machinery

For the first time, TMAS has initiated a campaign to promote Swedish textile machinery for the ITMA fair. In January,

Baldwin Technology to launch the TexCoat G4 at ITMA 2019

PRESSRELEASE: 190515 Baldwin Technology Company Inc., a member of TMAS, the Swedish textile machinery association, is pleased to announce the

Innovate or die: TMAS at ITMA 2019

PRESSRELEASE 190507  “All of the Swedish textile machinery companies are doing really well in major markets such as Europe, China,

Keeping on an even creel with the Eltex EyETM

PRESSRELEASE 190502 Unlike yarn tension monitors that are fitted solely on the weft insertion systems of the weaving machines in