Baldwin’s Spray Applicator for Textile Finishing improves productivity and reduces chemistry waste at Vagotex

Baldwin’s Spray Applicator for Textile Finishing is now in full production at Vagotex, a leading Italian supplier of finished textiles, primarily for sports collections, located in Verona, northern Italy. Following a smooth installation, the system has delivered more than the anticipated benefits, particularly on the laminated products. The new process has improved productivity significantly, eliminating one full process step. Also on the traditional water repellent finishing, the system has improved productivity and reduced waste of chemistry. The challenge to change from C8 to C6 & C4 chemistry has been made a lot smoother thanks to the implementation of the Baldwin Spray Applicator. This is much due to the automatic and quick change between chemistry with minimum waste.

The Spray Applicator has been researched and developed over a period of more than two years. The base technology has been proven for more than 30 years in the offset printing industry with more than 30 000 applicators installed across the world. The high demands on reliability and service from the Newspaper Printing industry have been inherited down to the genes of the Textile Finishing version of the product. The high frequency valves, precision nozzles and high speed controls are the heart and brain of the system and the key to the even and controlled application. The modular design and engineered functions are the backbone of the system and are vital for the flexibility and reliability.

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