The TMAS promise

The vision for TMAS companies is to be part of the textile production supply chain of the future. Our promise to all our stakeholders is based on how we will best achieve your success. Your challenges and needs are the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. No matter how we grow and expand around the world, our commitment to you will remain firm and guide us through everything we work for and achieve.

  • Innovation

We are always developing new ideas and technology in order to keep heightening the standard of excellence in everything we do. Therefore, we invest our resources in research and development and are always keen to drive innovation. We believe that in order to add value we must constantly improve with our customers’ evolving needs.

  • Dedication

We are dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers, partners and the communities that we operate in. This also means that we do everything in our capacity to ensure that they achieve their goals in the most efficient and sustainable manner possible.

  • Passion

We are passionate about all that we do within textile machinery and production processes. Our passion makes us never stand still and be content, but instead drives us to find new and exciting technologies for our customers and possibilities for ourselves and the communities we operate in.

  • Quality

Quality is essential to everything we do and deliver, and we simply do not compromise on our standards. We take pride in providing high value products, solutions, processes and services that ensure the best possible customer satisfaction, every step of the way.

  • High tech

We recognize the unique value and huge potential in utilizing the power of technology to achieve our customers’ business and sustainability goals. At the same time, we utilize the power of technology to transform lives. We will use technology to drive innovation in order to play our part in helping to take the textile industry into the future.

  • Automation

We are focused on the power of automation to make textile production more competitive. We will always work to ensure that smart features and inbuilt intelligence in machines and equipment will enable our customers to achieve the best results every step of the way.

  • Sustainability

We work sustainability into our solutions, making it an intrinsic aspect of all our machines, systems, solutions and processes. We know that being sustainable is about being smart: taking automation and digitalization to new heights of intelligence in order to preserve our environment.