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It’s all about the details when Eton Systems Inc. strengthens its local presence in the US

2017 is the year when Eton Systems will expand its business and strengthen its presence in America. For the automotive, home textile, apparel, furniture and plastics industries, the upcoming change will not go unnoticed.

Eton Systems is a global supplier of customized material handling solutions that help customers in manufacturing industries increase productivity, profitability and improve the workplace environment.

With high labor costs and and a growing demand for stringent quality control and faster delivery to market, Eton’s state of the art technology has gained a lot of ground in the major growth markets of the world. Over the past number of years Eton Systems has had numerously successful installations in a variety of sectors in the textile market. It’s now time to leverage the success by making a greater investment in the American market.

During the last few years, Eton Systems has been represented by independent sales agents serving its North American customers. As from the first quarter 2017, Eton Systems will handle all sales related activities through its headquarter in the US in order to increase the presence and become an even better partner to a growing American industry.

Pressrelease It is all about the details when Eton Systems strengthens its local presence in the US




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